The Big Data "World Cup" Is Coming Up - Official Opening of the 2018 Win in Dongguan Global Big Data Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

  •      On July 12, the "2018 Win in Dongguan Global Big Data Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition" organized by the People's Government of Dongguan Municipality was kicked off officially at Songshan Lake. Mr. Liu Wei, Deputy Mayor of Dongguan, Mr. Zhong Bin, Deputy Secretary General of the People's Government of Dongguan Municipality, Mr. Lu Gang, Deputy Director General of Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau and Mr. Fang Shaowen, Director General of Songshan Lake Science and Technology Innovation Bureau among others were present at the opening ceremony. The competition adopted a brand-new competition system that involves global screening, group PK, dual meet, drill and round contest, and was designed to become a science and technology event for high-end big data talents to compete with each other and demonstrate themselves. It is actually a "world cup" of big data as a group of outstanding and high-end big data talents will be exposed to the public through this event.

        It is said that, to actively respond to the strategic target of "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area" proposed by the country, the People's Government of Dongguan Municipality teamed up with nine listed or pro-listed companies including East Top, Feima International, South China City, China Brilliant, Prolto, S.F. Holding, Tempus, Eternal Asia and YHGlobal to organize this competition so as to focus on global talents, accelerate industrial convergence, promote and deepen exchanges and cooperations between big data and AI, and push forward the development of big data and relevant industries in Dongguan.

        The nine companies were famous enterprises in the field of supply chain and would invest in a big data JV at Songshan Lake of Dongguan. Targeting at "building the most influential supply chain big data platform in China", the big data JV will utilize the enormous industrial data and the abundant supply chain operation experience from all the shareholders, build an open and win-win platform, facilitate the building of a highly efficient and synergistic modern supply chain system, and create an innovative smart supply chain so as to improve the logistics service efficiency, effectively serve the real economy and enhance the competitiveness of domestic enterprises in the global supply chain market.

        One of the highlights of the competition was the enormous amount of extensive operational, sample, drill and test data provided by the nine companies for the competition. Teams nominated via initial screening will be asked to develop one or a series of applied technology solutions and a business proposal for the purpose of solving a science and technology problem based on the proposition and data samples (external data resources can also be used) provided by the organizing committee. According to an insider, this was undoubtedly a real world based competition that was designed to offer valuable practical experiences to ambitious entrepreneurs.

        To encourage and attract more high-end big data talents, the competition will call up entrepreneurs from all over the world who have been deep mining in big data for years and select seven winning teams for the final through sections including kickoff, entry, initial screening, dual meet and semi final. The first, second and third prizes will then be announced after review by the expert panel and road show, with a cash prize up to RMB 1 million. A job opportunity at the new big data JV will also be offered to teams with excellent performance in the competition.

     (Figure 1: Group photo of representatives from all organizing parties. The digit "2018" is shown in a binary system on the counter.)

      (Figure 2: Deputy Mayor of Dongguan Mr. Liu Wei delivers a speech on the event to express his expectation on introducing global big data talents to Dongguan