Overseas Fulfillment/ Warehouse's Initial Open for Visit Unveils the Core Competitiveness of Cross-border Logistics

  •    Recently, at the invitation of SF Express, over 20 cross-border e-commerce enterprise representatives from all over China visited SF’soverseas fulfillment /warehouses for observation.


       SF opened its two European warehouses - SF Eastern Europe Warehouse and Germany Warehouse to the public for the first time in this activity, showing their capacity in warehousing operation, local transit and delivery. Cross-border e-commerce enterprise representatives visited the site in person, experienced SF's culture, and had deeper understanding of SF's Overseas Fulfillment/Warehouse services and capacity of cross-border e-commerce supply chain services.


         On the intersected road of "Internet+Belt and Road" virtual commerce, Chinese brand and Made in China is favored by more and more overseas consumers. Meanwhile, consumers also put forward higher demands on cross-border logistics, thus logistics has become a tough issue. This commercial investigation deepened cross-border e-commerce enterprises' understanding of SF's Overseas Fulfillment/Warehouse, boosted mutual operation confidence and explored more cooperation opportunities. Meanwhile, the visit also provided onsite survey opportunities for enterprises to enter the European market.


    Warehouse Sites

        The investigation group of Overseas Fulfillment/Warehouse visited SF's Germany Warehouse at first. The Germany Warehouse is located in Hamburg of Germany, covering an area of Germany. It is a bonded and duty-paid warehouse, radiating 28 European countries including the UK, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.


       The whole warehouse is standardized. Goods are classified based on the warehouse-out destination, volume and requirements and reasonably allocated. The goods are placed in good order and marked clear, clean and tidy. In the same time, monthly and quarterly inventories are made regularly based on the requirements to ensure that the quantity, specifications and inventory are right.


        Afterwards, the investigation group went to SF's Eastern Europe Warehouse in Tallinn of Estonia. SF Eastern Europe Warehouse is an overseas warehouse allocated early in Europe by SF. It cooperates with local national governments, provide bonded customs clearance and postal economic delivery, radiating the 28 countries covered by the Germany Warehouse and also Russia, the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine and Norway. Inside the warehouse, goods are stored by small parcels, medium parcels, pallets and full container load to ensure timely warehouse-out.


       During the visit, the cross-border e-commerce enterprise representatives witnessed processes of putaway, sorting and warehouse-out. Each production line was busy and in an orderly way. A enterprise representative said, "We are attracted by the huge warehouse. We witness the warehousing operation and hand over our goods to you at ease."


    Cross-border Knowledge Lecture

       In accordance with the core value of "Dedication to Customers' Success, Openness and Win-win Cooperation", during the visit in Hamburg of Germany, SF also arranged lecture on European taxes delivered by German tax accountant. The tax accountant put forward the pain points and tough points for European customs clearance, analyzed the current Europe VAT form, explained tax problems of enterprise representatives' great concern, helping cross-border e-commerce enterprises to explore the European market more successfully.

        In addition, the SF investigation group also visited the Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office in the Chinese Embassy in Estonia. Corresponding responsible person offered analysis and guidance on Estonia's Economy, government policies and investment environment. In this way, the enterprise representatives also had a deeper understanding of the local market.


        "We not only provide logistics services, but also build a complete, forward-looking cross-border e-commerce service platform. According to the Head of SF Overseas Fulfillment Warehousing Project Support, by preposing the supply chain and utilizing specialized warehousing management system and well-developed logistics service, SF can lower unnecessary logistics costs, dispatch from where the consumers located, shorten the order cycle, optimize user experience, increase the repurchase rate, helping the sellers to make breakthrough in sales volume and step forward. The cross-border e-commerce enterprise representatives witnessed the operation of our overseas warehouses and present success, and also provide us with more power to do better in the future.  ”