Connecting the World--SF Express Presents Overseas Warehousing Services

  • On November 28, the SF International Forum hosted an event promoting SF Express’s new overseas warehousing services, at the Futian Shangri-La hotel. David William Adams, CEO of SF Express’s international business unit, Zhang Lidang, Director of Development and Reform Commission of Shenzhen, and Wang Xin, Chairman of the Shenzhen Cross-Border E-Commerce Association, each gave a speech at the forum. Logistics experts from SF International, media partners, and cross-border e-commerce companies discussed how overseas warehouses could help Chinese cross-border e-commerce companies with localizing their operations overseas.


    SF Express IBU CEO David Adams gives the opening speech


    Overseas warehouses will help Chinese brands go global

    Gong Shunsong, Vice President of SF Express’s International Business Unit, mentioned that if Chinese brands plan to go global, they need to take their assets out of the country and change their approach from a China-focused approach to a multinational-focused approach, eventually integrating themselves with the global market through rapid market expansion and supply chain optimization. The key step is building up overseas warehouses as they can further improve the customs clearance process and make distribution more efficient, thus reducing logistics costs and the amount of time spent on marketing. This will help Chinese companies to integrate with overseas logistics networks. The end goal for overseas warehouses is to assist with overseas localization efforts and local marketing, operations, customer service, after sales, etc. In the future, overseas warehouses will evolve from the traditional warehouse model into a multi-functional, personalized overseas operations center that acts a key partner in helping cross-border e-commerce companies acclimate to overseas markets.


    Gong Shunsong gives an on-site speech


    Leveraging overseas warehouses to provide FBW-EU services

    A representative from US-based e-commerce platform Wish explained how overseas warehouses not only can shorten shipping times but also can provide more value-added services for merchants, such as traffic support, policy support, platform rebates, fast payments (1-2 weeks), etc. The Wish executive mentioned FBW-EU, a service developed in conjunction with SF Express that leverages its capabilities to pick up packages within one hour in Mainland China. Additionally, FBW-EU supports sea transport, air transport, and railway express delivery; its flexibility can help sellers save on costs. When European consumers place an order on Wish, the system uses FBW to deliver goods directly to customers in a way that shortens delivery times. It also makes it easier to return and exchange goods, thereby improving the customer experience dramatically.


    Sun Zhuwei from Wish shares his experiences


    Long Xiaomin, overseas warehousing executive from SF Express’s International Business Unit introduced SF’s warehousing business in Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Russia, Germany, and the United States. Its warehouses cover 28 European countries, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Norway, etc. The warehouses leverage SF’s resources to provide bulk cargo clearance services, local delivery services, and tailor-made, one-stop logistics solutions for customers. Not only can SF Express help Chinese sellers localize their overseas businesses and reduce their logistics and transportation costs, but it can also monitor inventory and order statuses in real time to speed up order responses, shorten delivery times, and improve customer satisfaction.

    In addition, bonded warehouses in Eastern Europe and Germany are a core competency for SF Express as they eliminate value-added taxes and customs duties, as well as the need for sellers to pledge cash flows as collateral. Adopting a convenient B2C customs clearance method serves e-commerce customers well and connects them with customs systems directly, reducing risks related to underreporting, concealment, misstatements, and other issues, which ensures the safety of the goods and helps to facilitate the customs clearance process. At the same time, various value-added services such as return and financing loans also help Chinese merchants sell globally.


    Long Xiaomin gives an on-site speech


    Cross-border forum focuses on opportunities in new logistics

    Zheng Jiang, senior vice president from Lightinthebox discussed platform policies during the peak holiday season, suggesting that cross-border e-commerce companies stock goods in advance by utilizing big data analysis and relying on overseas warehouses. Hong Peilin, assistant director and secretary of the Shenzhen Electronic Commerce Service Center, Zhang Duzhi, the head of a cross-border seller association, and Wang Yong Qiang, a cross-border e-commerce media expert, shared their opinions on the future development of the cross-border e-commerce industry.

    Ju Peiquan, a logistics director from UEB Technology, proposed that cross-border e-commerce companies use multiple logistics services to mitigate risk, mentioning services such as E-Parcel, Direct Ship, Special Delivery, Overseas Warehousing, etc. and advising companies to not put all their eggs in one basket. Meanwhile, companies should analyze big data to monitor delivery times for each channel and project logistics flows for the next year’s peak season. Samuel Gor, the person in charge of SF Express IBU’s Greater China Region, discussed export-oriented services for overseas markets such as overseas warehouses in the US and how US-focused services E-Parcel+ and SF-UPS Direct Delivery+ can assist cross-border e-commerce companies during the peak season.  


    Guests discuss their views on cross- border logistics policies, platforms, media, etc.

    Representatives from cross-border companies in Shenzhen discussed how SF Express’s bonded warehouses in Eastern Europe improve the customer experience, as they eliminate VAT and customs duties, as well as the need to pledge cash flows as collateral. Meanwhile, SF Express warehouses also provide value-added services such as returns handling, warehousing financing, export tax rebates, etc. The forum was applauded by on-site representatives from various cross-border e-commerce companies. Additionally, four corporate clients signed contracts with SF Express.

    Cross-border companies discuss how SF overseas warehouses help them do business

    SF Shenzhen head Chen Xueying and an unnamed company sign a contract


    The seminar ended on a positive note. Going forward, SF Express will invest more in overseas warehouses and continue to build a global logistics network, helping cross-border e-commerce companies deliver their goods all around the world.


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